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Final Information Mourne Way 10K Night Edition

Jan, 24, 2017

Here is it folks...Download info here.  Print, Share, Email - make sure all those you may have registered using your address see it.  

To recap below is the email sent to all registrants regarding deferrals.  Please note: - Deferral requests received after NOON on 24th January will not be considered.  


We are sending this message to offer all registered entrants of the Mourne Way 10K Night Edition a once off chance to defer your entry, free of charge, to the MOURNE WAY 10KM in June 2017 only.  

We strongly urge those runners who have been unwell with the flu or similar in the last few weeks to avail of this option.

We have a waiting list in operation, so we urge you all to defer through our channels to offer a fair chance to those who are waiting, and one that we can administer before Race Packs are collected.

To avail, please email with your name, and date of birth, before NOON on 24th January and we will administer the transfer. Requests received AFTER NOON on 24th January will not be considered under any circumstance. This deferral option only applies to an full price entry transfer to the MOURNE WAY 10KM event in June 2017, and must be availed of in 2017 event or it will be lost.


If you have resold your race entry, you MUST inform the person who is taking it that there is a £5 administration charge to administer this name change, and they must present to pack collection before 6:30pm on 27th January 2017 for our team to make the name change.


If you have resold your race pack, you cannot defer your entry.


In the interests of Health & Safety, is imperitive that everyone is running wearing a number that is linked to their own name and contact info on our system. Wearing someone elses number is not only a risk to your saftey, but compromises the event Safety Plan, and also the results, so please don't do it!


We will be uploading FINAL INFORMATION this evening to our website, and social media channels, and also emailing same when the transfers are made. Please ensure you have read it before travelling to the event.


Any further queries that aren't answered on this email, please direct your enquiries to and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


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