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FINAL INFORMATION - Carlingford Half Marathon 2017

Mar, 04, 2017

Final Information for Carlingford Half Marathon can be found below: - 


LOTS of moving parts with this one, so have a read and make sure it all makes sense.  There seem to be a lot of rules and it's very succinct - which we apologise for, however we must ensure all questions are answered, and that everyone is safe, informed and there is no confusion.  


A few notes - this information is contained in the final information document also, however it should answer a lot of the enquiries we are getting.  

 1) For those who entered before 13th February @12:39 - you will have received and email telling you if your pack has been dispatched, or if it was not dispatched.  

For those who's pack was dispatched: -  

If you HAVE received your Race Pack in the post, then you do not need to come to pack collection.  You should arrive and congregate in the Sailing Club Car Park for 9:50am for Half Marathon, and 10:20am for 10Km.  

If you DID NOT receive your Race Pack and you entered before the 13th February, you should click this link  : SIGN UP FOR REPLACEMENT PACK and we will sort it out for you!  

2) For those who's pack was not dispatched, and for those who entered AFTER 13th Feb, you should follow the PACK COLLECTION instructions on the FINAL INFORMATION EMAIL.  

IF YOU HAVE NOT been informed that your pack, or at least one pack contained in your order has been dispatched or undispatched, or if you entered AFTER 13th FEBRUARY 1230PM, then DO NOT JOIN THIS LIST.  Your pack will be available for collection only.  We will be sending a separate email to those who entered AFTER the dispatch date to re-iterate this.  This list is for people who have had an email confirming their pack was dispatched and remains undelivered ONLY.  

See you Saturday!  :-)


Team 26 & Team St Brigid's.   


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