Ireland Coast to Coast 2019

Ireland Coast to Coast - Multisport Race

New Date: - 7th - 8th September 2019 - ENNISCRONE, Co SLIGO - NEWCASTLE, Co DOWN


Ireland, an island steeped in history and mythology with scenery which rivals that of any other sights around the globe. For many years’ visitors have flown or sailed to Irish shores to take in these sights and to go home with great memories of this fantastic island. For one week in May many travelling will have their sights set on a truly iconic event – Ireland’s Coast to Coast Events.

Traversing Ireland in a west to east format the route of Ireland’s Coast to Coast starts on the Wild Atlantic Way, will pass through unspoilt rural locations, through quaint villages and along one of the most famous waterways in Ireland – The Shannon – Erne Waterway and traverse one of our most beautiful mountain ranges the Mourne Mountains. Whether you choose to race the NON-STOP or TWO DAY multispot version or take part in Cycle Sportive or Mountain Race you will follow a route which winds its way along 312km of the best cycling, paddling and running terrain Ireland has to offer. Competitors will be truly astounded at the scenery and challenge laid down before them in this fantastic event.

For the non-stop competitors -

You will set off from Enniscrone, Co Sligo and race your way across Ireland in daylight and darkness along a stunning route to the finish line in Newcastle, Co Down. 312km later and at the finish line of the toughest multi-sport race in Ireland and one of the toughest in Europe. You will be able to look back and take pride in the fact you have just traversed Ireland on your own power.

For the two day participants -

Day one will see you set off on a route which will encompass just over 148km. You will be running on sandy beaches, cycling along deserted roads and paddling along one of the longest sections of inland waterway in Ireland before finishing at the shores of Lough Erne, Co Fermanagh.

At the break of dawn on day two you will set off on a cycling and running challenge totalling just over 157km. Expect more great cycling along quiet roads before setting off on the final foot section across the famous Mourne Mountains. The sight of the sandy shores in Newcastle, Co Down will be a welcome sight to all and with it will come a realisation that you have taken part in one of the toughest multi-sport events in Europe



 Entries open for Ireland's Coast to Coast 2019 on 1st December 2018.  
The cost per participant for the event is £290.  
This includes: -
Race Timing
Event Route Booklet & Route Cards 
Event Gilet
Event Buff
One Support Crew per team or solo 
Finishers Medal for Particpant & Support Crew
Race Briefing Dinner for Participants & Support Crew at Ocean Sands hotel on 17th May 
Professional Race Management
Event Medical Support
Post Event Food
Meal at end Day One - TWO DAY ENTRIES
Half Way refuel stop for NON-STOP with Hot Water, Soup, and Microwave for Non-Stop 
Showers at Finish Line
24Hr race director support for Non-stop Teams  
YOU CAN CALL US AND PAY A DEPOSIT ON YOUR ENTRY!  Please telephone 00442841772335 with your Sientries ID number handy and we will arrange deposit.   
Additional Items available as per pricing below: - 

NON STOP – Additional Support Crew - £25 per person (includes pre race dinner)

TWO DAY – Additional Support Crew - £35 per person (Includes pre race dinner, and hot meal on Day one)

TWO DAY/NON-STOP – Add Support Crew Hoody - £25

TWO DAY/NON STOP - Add Support Crew Cotton T-Shirt - £10

TWO DAY – B&B Accommodation Share Centre (2 people sharing) - £25 per person

TWO DAY – Camping/Camper Van overnight parking – FREE (MUST BOOK)

For Kayak Rental, please contact our Kayak Partner - MOBILE TEAM ADVENTURE 

The 26 Extreme Coast to Coast will take place on the weekend of Saturday 18th / Sunday 19th May 2019.

All teams will be REQUIRED to have their own support crew who will transport bikes, clothing and gear between transition areas. Our kayak partners Mobile Team Adventure will look after the transportation of all paddling equipment (if booked) and you will only be required to transport your paddling kit if you opt to bring your own kayak, buoyancy aid and paddle.

Route Details and Distances

No matter whether you are doing the non-stop or the two day version, everyone in the 26 Extreme Coast to Coast will follow the same route.

The breakdown of distances and disciplines will be as follows:

From the edge of the water


Road Cycle




Road Cycle


Road Cycle


Off Road Run


One Day Distance


Coast to Coast Two Day

The day one breakdown of distances and disciplines will be as follows:

From the edge of the water


Road Cycle




Road Cycle


Day One Distance


The day two breakdown of distances and disciplines will be as follows:

Road Cycle


Off Road Run


Day Two Distance


Cut offs

Cut off times are part off all serious endurance events. You need to be able to make all cuts to allow the race to move across the country and ensure operational personnel are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be. Cut offs also ensure competitors safety keeping you out of the water and off the roads after dark. It’s tough to be stopped at a check point and the decision to cut someone form the course isn’t one we take lightly. That said they are there for your safety, your fellow competitor’s safety and the 26 extreme crew. Once the cut off at a CP has been reached the personnel at that CP will start to make their way through the course clearing it as they go. You will not be allowed to continue.

Non Stop Event Cut off times - to be updated shortly

You must depart the checkpoints by the time listed.

Bike / Paddle transition at Ballinamore - 4:30pm

Paddle Mid way point Haughton Shore - 7pm

Paddle/ Bike Transition at Ballyconnell – 9pm

Bike / mountain stage transition – 7am - 20th May

Trassey Track -12pm - 20th May

 Donard Col - 3pm 20th May



2 day event cut off times

You must depart the checkpoints by the time listed.

Bike / Paddle transition at Ballinamore - 2pm

Paddle Mid way point Hawton Shore - 5pm

Paddle/ Bike Transition at Ballyconnell – 9pm

Day 2

Bike / mountain stage transition – 11am

Trassey Track - 3pm

Donard Col - 4:30pm 

Route closure or diversion

Race management reserve the right to alter the course at any time in the interests of competitor safety. Should the water or mountain stage become dangerous an alternative plan B will be put into operation. Plan B for the mountain stage will take competitors away from the high mountain stage and into Tollymore and Donard forest to the finish.

Other instances where you might be cut from the course are as follows but not limited to:

- Your kayak is letting in water or damaged

- Your bike has a critical failure which cannot be repaired by the roadside

- You are missing part of your mandatory kit

- Your bike lights stop working and you have no back up

- You are not physically able to continue and your own judgment is impaired

- You become physically exhausted and become a danger to yourself, other competitors or the general public

- You sustain an injury that could deteriorate if you continue

- You become ill and require medical treatment

- You lose contact with you support crew

- Your support crew are no longer able to continue for any reason

- You get lost on any section of the course and are unable to re-join the point you left the course.


Please note that this section will be added to as questions are asked by competitors.

1) How difficult is the event?

This event is tough. Don’t let that put you off though, with plenty of training and the correct preparation you can do it. There is a little less pressure with the 2-day option with a slow steady approach most people who enter make it across the line. The non-stop however is brutal; enter it if you think you’re hard enough! Both events do require respect, so make sure you put them time in training in advance. Pay attention to the details like kayak choice, training in the kit you will race in, eating well and putting in long hours in the saddle and on your feet well in advance.

2) Do you have any recommended kit for the event?

RUN: Make sure you have good trail running gear with full body cover for the Mountain Stage you’ll also need a bag to carry mandatory kit.

KAYAK: Your kayak should be one of the “quick” ones like a sea touring kayak for the novice – intermediate paddler or a K1 or ski for elite racers. Don’t arrive with a stumpy sit on top of short river running kayak unless you’re sure you can cover the distance quickly in it. Remember the old saying “Hull length = Speed”

Open canoes can be used if the paddlers are experienced in covering this distance.

We recommend two particular craft:

Beginner – Intermediate The P&H Capella for its good speed v stability.

Intermediate – advanced The Pyranah Octane ski. Very fast but yet stable and durable. Over stern rudder option is also good for getting out on slips and portage sections.

Ride: We recommend road or TT bikes for this race. Hybrid bikes have been used in the past by some competitors with limited success. This is not an event for a mountain bike. All bikes must be fit for purpose, fitted with front and rear LED lights, “no pound shop specials” a good quality light system and all riders must wear a helmet and high viz top. We also recommend the usual spares and repairs like a toolkit, tubes and repair kit. Your support van should also have a few spare tyres to fit you bike. Make sure your bike is also a good fit. If you are borrowing or hiring a bike, ensure you spend time getting the sizing right.

3) Where is the event registration and briefing area?

Registration for the event will take place in the Ocean Sands Hotel, Enniscrone, Co Sligo from 7pm – 8pm on the Friday evening before the event. The Ocean Sands Hotel have a special rate B&B rate available for any competitors who wish to stay the night before the race, with an early breakfast. Please contact the hotel to book.

4) What time does the event start at on each day?

TWO DAY EVENT - Day 1 the event will start at 8am and on Day 2, there will be a staggered start from 6.00am.

NON-STOP EVENT - Saturday 18 May 2019, event start – 10am

5) What’s included in my entry fee?

· Professionally organised event by 26 Extreme Ltd,

· Public Liability insurance,

· 312km of route marking undertaken in the weeks leading up to the event,

· Route Clearing

· Sweeper Vehicles on bike course

· Event safety Vehicles on bike course

· Bike Mechanic on bike course

· Safety kayakers on paddle stage

· Mountain marshals and medics on mountain stage

· Tracker

· Sticker pack for competitor

· Sticker pack for support vehicles

· Electronic timing across the weekend with several split times en route,

· Event Hoodie

· Overnight camping and two course hot meal at the midway point (two-day only)

· Professional medical team on the course

· Finisher medal

· Finish food and refreshments

· prizes.

6) Is there anything sent to me in the post before the event?

No, all information and items to include race numbers, timing chip and other information associated with the event will be given to you upon registration on the day of the event.

7) Can I raise money for Charity?

Yes, we have no problem with participants raising money for charities and other worthwhile causes. We have a series of Charity partners and if you are yet undecided as to what charity you will raise money for please see click here for our associated Charity Partners.  If you are raising for a charity, be sure and keep us in the loop and we can share your progress!  

8) Do you have any Rules that I have to adhere to?

The event is open to everyone of 18 years of age and over. Participants must ensure they have appropriate bike, cycling accessories, paddling kit, mountain wear, footwear, clothing and have access to water and energy food whilst and support crew whilst competing. All participants must refer to the recommended kit list. All participants must follow the prescribed course & adhere to the spirit of the event by showing courtesy to other participants, dropping no litter – we operate a “Leave No Trace” Policy and promote the “country code” Mandatory kit IS mandatory for all stages of the event. Vehicles will also have mandatory equipment that will need to be carried at all times. You must adhere to cut off times. You must adhere to the rules of the road.

9) Will I have to sign a Disclaimer?

Yes, by entering the event you will be bound by the event disclaimer.

10) Can I get a refund if I have to pull out?

We will refund up to 70% of an entry fee up until the 1st April 2018. After the 1st April we cannot refund any entries.

11)How much paddling experience should I have?

The coast 2 coast paddle section is on non-moving mostly flat water. There are a couple of relatively small lakes to cross but they can get slightly rough if the wind is up. The most challenging part of the event is by far the distance to cover and the 3 portages that require you to exit your boat and carry it around a lock gate. In terms of experience you should spend time concentrating on paddle efficiency and getting to grips with a good forward stroke. It’s also important to know what to do if you capsize and end up in the water. You should have practiced this prior to the event. You should also know how to assist a fellow kayaker in a capsize situation. Having this knowledge will also aid you if you are the person being helped out of the water. Spend time learning recovery strokes such as a low and even high brace. These strokes will keep you dry should you have a wobble. You don’t need to show evidence of ability. It is your responsibility decide if you have the skills and experience to take part.

We will have a number of master class coaching sessions in the lead up to the event. These sessions are a great way deal with any fears of concerns with regards the course and or your own ability, to develop skill and identify areas of development well before race day. These coaching sessions will be delivered by Ian Cumming 26 extreme coast 2 coast race director.


Mandatory kit for all categories

All equipment must be carried at all times by all race categories. Checks will be carried out and competitors or support without all mandatory equipment present will be withdrawn for the event.

Kayak kit

- Buoyancy aid (PFD) minimum 50N in good serviceable condition

- Full body waterproof cover

- Small First aid kit

- Whistle attached to buoyancy aid for easy access

- 2 x Space Blankets

- Large sponge or cup to bail water out

- Spare warm clothing

- Food and water

- Mobile phone with C2C emergency contact numbers

- C2C official paddle map

- Shoes for portage sections or in the event of an emergency having to walk to find help

- Dry bag

- Whistle- (attached to buoyancy aid)

- Glow Stick (attached to buoyancy aid)

- Head Torch in case you get caught out in the dark

- Kayak stickers (provided)

- Tracker (provided)

- Timing dibber (provided)

Cycle kit

- Front light and rear LED strobe light set. “Not budget pound stretcher type” bike must be visible up to 100m

- Spare batteries

- Red LED constant light for back of helmet (non-stop only)

- Waterproof top

- 1 x Space Blanket

- Food and water

- Mobile phone with C2C emergency contact numbers

- Cycle Route Card

- Tool kit and pump

- Saddle pack to carry it all in (optional)

- Race number (provided)

- Bike & helmet stickers (provided)

- Tracker (provided)

- Timing Dibber (provided)

- The use to iPod or other such audio equipment is strictly prohibited

Run kit

- Head Torch & spare mini torch, Spare batteries (non- stop only)

- Trail running shoes or boots

- Full body waterproof cover (taped seems. Not windproof)

- Thermal Hat/balaclava & Gloves

- Warm clothing either worn or in pack

- First aid kit (crepe bandage, an assortment of plasters/Band-Aids, strapping tape, triangular bandage, pain relief tablets

- Space/foil Blanket

- Food and water

- Maps of the area and course

- Mobile phone with C2C emergency contact numbers

- Pack to carry it all in

- Whistle

- Race number (provided)

- Tracker (provided)

- Timing dibber (provided)

This might seem like allot of kit to carry, but every bit of it is important. There is a chance you mightn’t need any of it, but in the event you take a fall, become lost or ill you could need every last bit. This kit is for your safety and your fellow competitors safety on the Mountain. Mountain weather is unpredictable; temperatures can fall rapidly. You might be on your own waiting for help if the worst was to happen. You must be prepared!

Support Crew Kit

- Amber strobe roof mounted light (there are plenty to choose from online from £20 or shops such as argos and Halfords.

- First aid Kit

- Spare blankets

- Plenty of food and water

- Official Support Booklet, race info and maps

- Spare bike parts, lights and clothing

- Tool kit and repair kit

- Ability to make or carry hot water (large flask)

Equipment NOT Permitted in the Event

- The use of audio equipment such as ipods etc. is strictly prohibited. You can her cars coming when on the bike section, you could miss the distress calls from a fellow competitors or a marshal trying to stop you from walking up the wrong trail. You need to be aware of your surrounding at all times. Anyone caught with headphones will be disqualified from the event

- Kayak sails or kites are not permitted

- Cotton clothing is useless and not permitted


For the 2019 Coast to Coast event we have once again appointed a kayak hire supplier for the event. Mobile Team Adventure have a large fleet of kayaks (both single and double) for hire on the weekend of the event. Should you wish to avail of a Kayak for the paddling section please contact the guys at Mobile Team Adventure and they will do their utmost to assist you in getting the best boat for the race.

The guys at Mobile Team Adventure have a large fleet of boats available for hire for the Coast to Coast event. These guys know their stuff when it comes to paddling skills having trained past winners of the Coast to Coast Race. Give the team a ring to discuss boat hire for the event. Also keep an eye on our News section and Facebook page for updates regarding kayak hire.


TIME left to start of race

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