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The Wall Duathlon 2016

Words fail us after today guys – that was biblical out there.  Rain, Wind, Sleet, Hail & Shine…all seasons, one day, and anyone who even got out of bed this morning to toe the line, regardless of their finisher status absolutely deserves some double hard athlete points.

Timer has a few more erroneous times – highlighted in yellow – get in touch on the email below to discuss – results updated 1429hrs on 17th October 2016


Please email us on with your query and we will look into it.

Hope you have all warmed up, dried out and are now relaxing.

Team 26Extreme

Edit : – Please find below the category position reports.  Due to a few swapped entries, the wrong DOB data was held on the database, and so the results were compromised slightly, but to the best of our knowledge, the report below is accurate.  Any anomalies should be emailed to before Friday, November 18th as we will be posting trophies to the category winners.

/DataEditorUploads/Wall Cats 1.pdf

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