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2024 Tollymore Trail Marathon

Date of Event

9th November 2024



Please note that prices are early bird. Price Increases December 24th

£50.00 per entry

Marathon Admission – TTM2024

£60.00 per entry

Ultra Admission – TTM2024

£40.00 per entry

Half-Marathon Admission – TTM2024

£30.00 per entry

10K Admission – TTM2024

About Event

The Tollymore Trail Marathon Events are back on the calendar for the 9th of November 2024. The main reason we hold this event in November is to coincide with the change in season from summer to the magic of Autumn.

It’s a beautiful time of year all over our country but Tollymore brings this to a different level. 

Tollymore in November is nothing short of breath-taking and runners from all over the country and beyond with can run a route that is like no other. As well as being famous for as a set for TV and film such as Game of Thrones and Dungeons and Dragons, 

Tollymore is also famous for having a few hill that will set you up for a challenge. This race is no walk in the park but we are confident you’ll be distracted by the sheer beauty all around you.

The route for the ½, Marathon and ultra

1 lap - Half Marathon Starting at 12pm
2 laps - Marathon starring at 10am
3 laps – Ultra Marathon starting at 8am

Approximately 21km in length the route for the most part is made up of forest gravel tracks that are used for forest service vehicle access and logging activity. These tracks are maintained however are often rutted from rain and at times can accumulate leaflitter, fallen branches and mud given the time of year. There is one short section of single track that is always slippery. There are several very steep climbs on the route that take you from the bottom of the forest and its winding rivers to the very summit of Tollymore with excellent views across the rest of the Mourne Mountains, the Irish Sea and surrounding countryside. The route is fully waymarked, marshalled in key locations as well as roving staff and 4x4 paramedics. There are also 3 fully stocked water/food/aid stations to keel you fuelled for your adventure

10KM Route

Starting at 1pm
The 10km route is simply a short course version of the main route. You will start and finish along the same route as the other categories but take 2 shortcuts at 2.7km and 5.7km into the race. The 10k will have the advantage of running along the Shimna river passing the stepping stones, Parnell’s Bridge, the hermitage and most importantly crossing the magical Foley’s Bridge before the final climb to the finish. The 10k will miss the big climbs associated with the rest of the races.

Event registration and start / finish line

Event registration and start/finish line times:
Ultra Registration from 7am-7:45am
Ultra Start 8am
Marathon registration from 8am – 9:45am
Marathon Start 10am
Half Marathon registration from 8am – 11:45
Half Marathon start 12Noon

10K Registration 8am - 12:30pm 10k start 1pm


What happens once you’re entered.

Once you enter you will receive a confirmation of your entry on screen, by email (However sometimes these are blocked by servers, so please do create an account to enter) and you will also be able to view your entries in your online account. There’s nothing else required from you until the day of the event, and we won’t spam you with constant updates. We will use the email address you used to enter to forward you any updates.  In the last few days prior to the event, you will be sent a final information email to confirm all arrangements are in place as planned and update you on any last minute changes, if any. It’s important you let us know if you update you change your email to allow us to update our records.

On the day Parking

With all mass participation events parking can sometimes cause problems and congestion on the day of an event. It’s important that competitors when parking to park legally and respectfully. We are extremely tight on space in Tollymore and we would ask all competitors to try and car pool as much as possible. The link above will take you to the main car park and please follow marshals carparking instructions. Please do not park on grass unless instructed to by a member of staff. Most importantly you will need to arrive in plenty of time as there is one gate in and one gate out therefore the will be a long queue of traffic arriving to Tollymore.

Pack Collection

Once parked follow the signage to the Event Registration area. This is also the start/finish location so it will be hard to miss. Please do not arrive early to collect packs. Our team will be busy setting up and it can result in delays.

Marshals & Way marking

We spend a lot of time in the lead up to the event waymarking with various temporary signage. This signage is reusable in line with our ban on single use plastic and the use of spray paint.  We keep it as discreet as possible so as not to take away from the beauty of the landscape but obvious enough that you don’t miss it. Having said that you do need to keep a close eye on the trail ahead as it’s easy to get distracted and miss an arrow. Marshals will be located at key locations on the course to monitor you progress and offer help and advice if required. All lead marshals are employed team members with REC First aid as a minimum and experienced in their role. Our team is there to help you with whatever you need.

Aid and feed/water Stations

We take the support we offer you seriously and our support stations are regular and renowned for providing variety of food and hydration appropriate to endurance sport at stages in the race where its most needed. A detailed summary of each aid location is listed in each category description.

Official Charity Partner

Cancer Focus NI.

Once again we have teamed up with Cancer Focus as our Official Charity partner for the  2024 Events. 

Cancer Focus provide care and support services for cancer patients and their families; offer a range of cancer prevention programmes to help people lessen their risk of getting cancer; fund scientific research into the causes and treatment of the disease and campaign for better health policy to protect our community and its future.

 If you are looking for a charity to support we recommend Cancer Focus. Just get in touch and their team will be with you every step of the way. 

Contact to find out how to get involved and raise funds.

Other Charities

Many competitors choose to run for charity without us even knowing. It’s fantastic to hear that so many people have used the event to raise much needed funds for local charities and good causes. Right now, more than ever charities need all the help they can get. If you’re raising funds for your chosen charity feel free to get in touch and we will share your story on our website and social media platforms and help boot your campaign.

Official Event Parner

Podiums and prizes.

Basalt Six.

We are delighted once again to be working with Basalt Six. BASALTsix has developed a range of clothes and accessories to keep you warm and look good before and after your water activity. Basalt Six will be offering a range of prises as detailed below.

Check out their website

Ultra-Marathon 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd Male/Female

Marathon 1 st , 2 nd 3 rd Male/Female

½ Marathon 1 st 2 nd , 3 rd Male/Female

10KM 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd Male Female

Please note that in the event there is only 1 runner in the race there will be no podium.


BASALTsix has developed a range of clothes and accessories to keep you warm and look good before and after your water activity.



BASALTsix Waterbike

BASALT Breaks invites you to STAY in the comfort of our luxury accommodation. Experience nature’s amazing PLAYground and take time to CONNECT with friends and family.


Situated in the Northern Ireland seaside town of Ballycastle on the famous North Antrim coast, BASALT Breaks provides luxury accommodation for groups, families and corporate.

Our two locations across four properties are the perfect base for guided walks, hikes, surfing, Stand Up Paddle boarding, snorkelling, water bikes and e-bikes.

Please CONTACT US for more details on our activity partners and options available.


Official Accommodation Partner

Once again for 2023 East Coast Adventure has been nominated as the Mourne
Way Marathons official accommodation partner. Set in the Mourne Mountains just
3 miles from the start line, East coast Adventure has accommodation to suit even
the most discerning traveller. With luxury double rooms and spacious family
rooms they will have the perfect combination to suit everyone’s needs. All rooms
are ensuite and have access to state of the art self-catering facilities. The entire
Mountain Lodge has just had an extensive renovation completed in June 2021. East
Coast also have a beautiful Glamping and Camping site to the rear of the lodge if
you want to be a little closer to nature.
check out www.eastcoastadventure.comz
for more info. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Beer Partners

Mourne Mountains Brewery

We are proud to announce our official partners Mourne Mountains Brewery. Great Beers for all our Great Participants.

Mourne Mountains Brewery was founded in 2015, situated in the foothills of the beautiful Mourne Mountains. At our 16HL brewery in Warrenpoint we brew a diverse range of beers from fruited sours to imperial pastry stouts and highly-hopped IPAs – all vegan friendly!


On our traditional brewhouse we use the finest whole leaf hops from around the world and the highest quality brewing malt but the ingredient we treasure the most is our water supply. Originating in the high Mournes, it is beautifully soft and perfect for brewing a wide variety of beer styles.




    • –      You must not acquire another person’s entry pack and run under their name.
    • –      You must not enter a category and decide to run a different category without notifying us and
      changing officially.
    • –      You can only start events at the designated time. Do not attempt to start early.
      –      Registration and pack collection times are made widely available. Please do not ask to register early.
    • –      We operate a strict leave no trace and plastic free policy. Anyone caught deliberately littering will be DNFd and banned from future events.
    • –      Stashing supplies or clothing on the course prior to the event is strictly prohibited. Any stash found will be treated as litter and disposed of appropriately. Anyone found stashing will be disqualified from the
      event and banned from future events.
    • –      No outside assistance or support is allowed.
    • –      Runners are not allowed to be accompanied by unregistered runners
    • –      Mandatory equipment for Ultra
    • –      If you leave the course for any reason you must re-enter at the exact same point. If you become lost and reenter the course at another location, you must back track to the original location you went off course.
    • –      You must disclose any underlying health conditions or injuries prior to starting the event. Any injuries
      or incidents during the race must be reported as soon as possible.


Refunds & Deferring from events


While we do not give refunds under any circumstance, we do however offer a deferral window that will be open for 3 days 2 weeks prior to the event taking place. Deferrals can only be process at this time and all participants will be sent an email with instructions on how to defer.


£50.00 per entry

Marathon Admission – TTM2024

£60.00 per entry

Ultra Admission – TTM2024

£40.00 per entry

Half-Marathon Admission – TTM2024

£30.00 per entry

10K Admission – TTM2024

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