Coast 2 Coast Multisport Challenge 2022

Date of Event

14th - 15th May 2022



How to Enter

First, you will need to purcahse your ticket below.

You will then be contacted and given further instruction and kept up to date with how planning for the event is progressing.

The 2022 Coast 2 Coast Challenge is now open for entry and will close on the 3rd of April 2022

The event deadline is strict and no late entries will be accepted.

This is to allow race management to make all the appropriate arrangement, order merchandise and post out race packs to everyone entered in the event in a timely manner. 

Event categories:

  • Solo non-stop self-supported
  • Solo non-stop 26 extreme supported (see details and coting below)

Event pack and briefing

Unlike previous years were registration and event briefing took place the evening before the event, we have changed this to make it much less time consuming and remove the requirement for a potentially unnecessary overnight stay or travel.

 For 2022 all participant packs and equipment will be posted out at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the event. All participants will then be sent a link that will allow them to download or access the event briefing video containing everything you need to know about the event. 

The remaining details such as equipment & vehicle checks, tracker allocation etc will all take place on the morning of the event form 6am – 9am in Enniscrone at the start line.

Entrance Types

Self Supported & Supported

Self-Supported in details:

As a self-supported entry you will be responsible for bringing your own support crew. This can be anyone with the appropriate preparation and vehicle who wants to join you on an epic race across Ireland. Your support will be responsible for helping you get started on the day of the event and then meeting you at the designated support points to give you physical and moral support if required. They will also move your kayak and bike through the relevant transition areas as you progress along the course.
Your support crew should be no more than 3 people in one vehicle. The support vehicle should be able to carry all the necessary equipment safely and legally.

Supported details:

As a 26 EXTREME Supported entry we will take as much of the hassle out of the event as possible. Finding a support crew can be difficult and sometimes can be the barrier to taking part in the event in the first instance. All you need to do is get your kit to the start line and we will move it along the course for you leaving you free to just enjoy the race. You will be supplied with 2 x 50L kit boxes that we will move to each transition area. We will also move your bike and kayak and have them ready and waiting for you to arrive. There will be 2 points in the event were we will provide you with a hot meal in addition to what you have packed yourself. We will also transport your luggage to the finish line.


Self-supported £199 This includes:

Entry into Ireland’s toughest multisport race
Tracker and timing
Event Route Booklet & Route Cards
Bike & Helmet numbers
Race BIB
Event Gilet or Jersey
Event Buff
Finishers Medal for Participants
Event Medical Support
Post Event Food and beer

Fully supported £299 including everything in the self-supported with the addition of:

2 x kit boxes transported along the route
Kayak transported if not hire from Mobile Team Adventure
Bike transported from the kayak stage to the 2nd bike stage
Bike transported from the mountain stage to the finish line
Luggage transported from the start to the finish line
Hot meal at the end of the kayak stage
Hot meal at the end of the 2nd bike stage in Rostrevor
Access to water at each transition
Access to food and water station mid-way through the kayak stage, mid-way through 2nd cycle and mid-way through mountain run stage.
please be aware that access to kit boxes will only be available a transition areas


Grass beside the playpark just off Bridge Street and behind the Ocean Sands Hotel. 54°12'44.5"N 9°05'50.0"W 9-1 Bridge St, Muckduff, Enniscrone, Co. Sligo, Ireland

Event day: on the morning of the event the following must happen between 6am – 9am Sign into the event Handover of paperwork “understanding of rick etc” Mandatory equipment check for cycle, kayak and run Vehicle check (see vehicle requirements)

Tracker allocation Supported participants handover luggage Supported participant are allocated support boxes. (Leave plenty of time to pack them and hand back to race operation manager)


9am – 10am

Supported participant load support boxes into support van, Bikes and kit are racked into transition area

Support crews briefing with Race Director - Ian Cumming Final participant briefing for any last minute additions and answers to questions

Start of the 2022 Irelands Coast 2 Coast Multisport challenge


Stage 1 Bike Enniscrone to Ballinamore – 108km Stage 2 Kayak Ballinamore to Ballyconnell – 26.5km Stage 4 Run Rostrevor to Newcastle – 40km Stage 3 Bike Ballyconnell to Rostrevor – 141km

Bike stage 1 – 107km 

After a brief run from the beach to your bike the first leg of the cycle course will take you 107km from Enniscrone to Ballinamore to the start of the kayak stage. The link above will detail the exact distance and elevation profile. The 1st bike is largely on great roads and surfaces with not too much climbing. There will be one official support point on the first bike stage around the mid-way point. You will pass through the following towns on the way. Easkey Dromore West Bllysadare Collooney Ballygawley Ballyfarnon Keadew Drumshambo Ballinamore (kayak put in / transition) At the transition to the kayak stage in Ballinamore you will be met by the 26 Extreme team, Mobile Team Adventure if you have hired kayaks, your support crews or the 26 Extreme support crew.

Kayak Stage – 26.5km Ballinamore – Ballyconnell

Cut Off at this point will be 4pm

The kayak stages on largely flat water with the majority in a canal system. There are three lakes with the largest being Garadice near the mid-way point. Garadice in strong winds can be tricky and care should be taken if your considering paddling a K-boat in high winds. Hugging the shoreline is always recommended for paddlers who lack confidence in open water. By far the trickiest parts of the paddle asides from the distance are the three lock gates that need to be portaged (carried around) It’s a proper paddle and its beautiful.

Bike stage 2 – 141km

Cut off at this point will be 9pm
After transitioning back onto the bike at Ballyconnell you will pass through the following towns + 150km.
Rostrevor – transition to the mountain run stage in Kilbroney park 30km

Mountain Run 40km

Cut off at this point will be 9am
New for 2022 the mountain route will follow the Mourne Way from Rostrevor to Newcastle and will not take in the high Mournes as in previous years. Also new will be the off road nature of the run. In previous years the run has incorporated 2 x road sections. For 2022 these road section have been eliminated making the mountain run entirely off road with the exception of 2 road crossings. The route is as follows:

Start in Kilbroney and follow Mourne way to Rocky Mountain
Climb to saddle at Rocky and descent to Rowan tree river
Continue to the Hen Track and onto Spelga
Cross the road before the Dam and climb Speltha
Descend and cross road a Fofanny Dam
Continue past Dam to Happy Valley
Continue to Sheepfold at Trassey Track
Turn Left and follow Mourne Way to Tollymore Forest
Continue through Tollymore and to Donard Forest
Descend to the finishline in Donard Pa


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Kayak Hire
Kayak hire is once again available from Mobile Team Adventure. This service is available to both supported and self-supported participants. Kayaks are available on a first come first served basis and we advise participants to book early to avoid disappointment. MOBILE TEAM ADVENTURE

Cut offs
Cut off times are part off all serious endurance events. You need to be able to make all cuts to allow the race to move across the country and ensure operational personnel are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be. It’s tough to be stopped at a check point and the decision to cut someone form the course isn’t one we take lightly. That said they are there for your safety, your fellow competitor’s safety and the 26 extreme crew. Once the cut off at a CP has been reached the personnel at that CP will start to make their way through the course clearing it as they go. You will not be allowed to continue. Cut off times are listed in the course details. In addition to being cut due to not reaching a CP in adequate time you may also be asked to leave the event if you show sighs of injury or exhaustion that may deteriorate or impair your proper judgment make you a danger to yourself and or others. Other instances where you might be cut from the course are as follows but not limited to:
– Your kayak is letting in water or damaged
– Your bike has a critical failure which cannot be repaired by the roadside
– You are missing part of your mandatory kit
– Your bike lights stop working and you have no back up
– You are not physically able to continue and your own judgment is impaired
– You become physically exhausted and become a danger to yourself, other competitors or the general public
– You sustain an injury that could deteriorate if you continue
– You become ill and require medical treatment
– You lose contact with you support crew
– Your support crew are no longer able to continue for any reason
– You get lost on any section of the course and are unable to re-join the point you left the course.

Route Marking and mapping
All participants and support crews will be allocated detailed maps, route cards and booklets outlining the route in its entirety including support points, road crew directions contact details. It’s the responsibility of all participants to follow these directions.

Bike stage route marking mapping: physical route markers will only be erected on critical turns where the direction isn’t obvious. All participants should carry their route card and be aware of road signs along the route.

Paddle stage route marking and mapping: The paddle stage is straight forward with the exception of Garadice Lough. A map and route card will be provided and detailed directions given. The support points will be easily accessible for support crews and maps to find them supplied.

Mountain Stage route marking and mapping: A detailed map and route card of the mountain run will be provided to all participants. In addition to this the course will be fully marked and for night stages strobes will be placed on open mountain sections to make it easier to follow. It will still be necessary to carry maps and route cards and be aware of your location on the course at all times.

Route closure or diversion
Race management reserve the right to alter the course at any time in the interests of competitor, crew or public safety. Should the weather or mountain stage become dangerous an alternative plan B will be put into operation as an example. PSNI and Road Service will also have authority to change the course at any time in the event of roadworks or a traffic incident. It’s important that everyone in the event abides by the rules of the road at all times.

recommended kit
RUN: Make sure you have good trail running gear with full body cover for the Mountain Stage you’ll also need a bag to carry mandatory kit.
KAYAK: Your kayak should be one of the “quick” ones like a sea touring kayak for the novice – intermediate paddler or a K1 or ski for elite racers. Don’t arrive with a stumpy sit on top of short river running kayak unless you’re sure you can cover the distance quickly in it. Remember the old saying “Hull length = Speed”
Open canoes can be used if the paddlers are experienced in covering this distance.
We recommend two particular craft:
Beginner – Intermediate The P&H Capella for its good speed v stability.
Intermediate – advanced The Pyranah Octane ski. Very fast but yet stable and durable. Over stern rudder option is also good for getting out on slips and portage sections.
Ride: We recommend road, sportive or TT bikes. Hybrid bikes have been used in the past by some competitors with limited success. This is not an event for a mountain bike. All bikes must be fit for purpose, fitted with front and rear LED lights, “no pound shop specials” a good quality light system and all riders must wear a helmet and high viz top. We also recommend the usual spares and repairs like a toolkit, tubes and repair kit. Your support van should also have a few spares such as tubes tyres etc to fit your bike. Make sure your bike is also a good fit. If you are borrowing or hiring a bike, ensure you spend time getting the sizing right.


Mandatory kit for all categories
All equipment must be carried at all times by all race categories. Checks will be carried out and competitors or support without all mandatory equipment present will be withdrawn for the event.
Kayak kit
– Buoyancy aid (PFD) minimum 50N in good serviceable condition
– Full body waterproof cover
– First aid kit
– Whistle attached to buoyancy aid for easy access
– 2 x Space/foil Blankets
– Large sponge or cup to bail water out water
– Spare warm clothing
– Food and water
– Mobile phone with C2C emergency contact numbers
– Shoes for portage sections or in the event of an emergency having to walk to find help
– Dry bag
– Glow Stick (attached to buoyancy aid)
– Head Torch in case you get caught out in the dark
– Kayak stickers (provided)
– Tracker (provided)
– C2C official paddle map (provided)

Cycle kit

– Front and rear quality bike lights strobe or steady light set. “Not budget pound stretcher type” bike must be visible up to 100m. You will also be legally required to fit a red reflector to the rear of your bike and either amber reflectors to you pedals or back of your shoes. This is a legal requirement for cycling at night on UK & IRL roads
– Spare batteries
– Red LED constant light for back of helmet
– Waterproof cover
– 1 x Space Blanket
– Food and water
– Mobile phone with C2C emergency contact numbers
– Tool kit and pump
– Race number (provided)
– Bike & helmet stickers (provided)
– Tracker (provided)
– Cycle Route Card (provided)

Run kit

– Head Torch & spare mini torch, Spare batteries
– Glow stick clearly attached to outer garments or pack
– Trail running shoes or boots
– Full body waterproof cover (taped seems. Not windproof)
– Thermal Hat & Gloves
– Warm clothing either worn or in pack
– First aid kit (crepe bandage, an assortment of plasters/Band-Aids, strapping tape, triangular bandage, pain relief tablets
– Space/foil Blanket
– Food and water
– Mobile phone with C2C emergency contact numbers
– Pack to carry it all in
– Whistle
– Race number (provided)
– Maps of the area and course (provided)
– Tracker (provided)
– Timing dibber (provided)
This might seem like allot of kit to carry, but every bit of it is important. There is a chance you mightn’t need any of it, but in the event you take a fall, become lost or ill you could need every last bit. This kit is for your safety and your fellow competitors safety on the Mountain. Mountain weather is unpredictable; temperatures can fall rapidly. You might be on your own waiting for help if the worst was to happen. You must be prepared!

Support Crew Kit

– Amber strobe roof mounted light. If your vehicle is more than 1.5m in height you will require 1 front and 1 rear so they are clearly visible from both the front and back of the vehicle. Planty available on amazon from £15
– Comprehensive First aid Kit and any medication required.
– Spare blankets
– Plenty of food and water with ability to heat food and water
– Official Support Booklet, race info and maps
– Spare bike parts, lights and clothing
– Tool kit and repair kit

Equipment NOT Permitted in the Event

– The use of audio equipment such as ipods etc. is strictly prohibited on any part of the course. You can her cars coming when on the bike section, you could miss the distress calls from a fellow competitors or a marshal trying to stop you from walking up the wrong trail. You need to be aware of your surrounding at all times. Anyone caught with headphones will be disqualified from the event
– Kayak sails or kites are not permitted
– Cotton clothing is useless and not permitted
– E-Bikes or any form of retro fitted E-Motors